There to meet you when you land

When you arrive in your country of study, a WEVS representative will be at the airport to meet you and take you straight to your accommodation.


WEVS can arrange safe affordable accommodation for the entirity of your stay. An English speaking host will be on hand to help get you settled when you arrive.

Continual support during your stay

WEVS' commitment doesn't end once you land. Throughout your stay, we'll be here to provide support and help when needed.


Australian Education Institues


What You Need to Know

Cost of Living

Budgetting for your study in Australia

The cost of living may be higher or lower depending on where you live and doesn't include the cost of any social, sporting or other recreation activities you might want to be part of.

Lifestyle & Culture

Learn what Australian's do with their spare time

Australia is known the world over as a democratic nation, these factors, combined with a warm climate and exotic landscapes rank among the popular reasons why people choose to study in Australia.

A Student's Life

Coming down-under to study under our big bright yellow sun? Here are some things you need to know about your soon-to-be new life in Australia as a student!

Getting Around - Transport

Melbourne's public transport system is very easy to use and called "Metlink" offering tram, train and bus transport all on the one ticket. The system is divided into three zones.

Places to See in Australia

With its tangle of hidden laneways, tree-lined promenades, and grand Victorian buildings funded by the 1850s Gold Rush, the city has a distinctly European feel. Foodies will also find plenty to love.