Public transport in Australia offers four main options: train, bus, ferry and light rail. Not every city has a river or harbour network so ferries won’t be available and light rail (also known as trams) are not in use in all cities either.

Depending on which city you arrive in when you reach Australia, you may be able to purchase one of these cards at ticket windows at the Domestic and/or International airport train stations. Depending on the city, you can also buy the cards at vending machines, 7-Eleven stores, newsagents, bus stations, train stations, ferry wharves, pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores.

When you first arrive in Australia, you may have to use cash but be sure to have small denominations such as coins and lower value notes as drivers and ticket booth operators are not happy to exchange large notes.

Discounts and offers – Public transport cards offer a range of benefits including capped fares on weekends, discounted fares during off-peak travel times, free travel in a week after taking a specified number of journeys and the ability to use the same card across all methods of public transport.